Dear Friends,

I have some news to share - the Haus of Tzukuri will be shutting down on Jun 30 2022, and I will no longer be working on it in the future.

Tzukuri as a name and brand has been a part of my life and identity for over eight years. It started when I created Unlosable Glasses with my co-founder Michael in 2014, before it transformed into an art and poetry project in May 2021 during Sydney lockdowns with my friend Marcel.

It has been a thrilling ride throughout these past eight years, a journey of intense highs (we helped with a literal space launch) and tremendous lows (we went into liquidation once, and I ended up in hospital). Tzukuri has taken me across the world and helped me collide with incredible people, many of whom I would have otherwise never met. I would not have traded this journey and experience for anything.

However, it is also an adventure that has left its own indelible scars. There comes a time when you must let something go to truly grow, change and evolve, and for me, I believe leaving Tzukuri and the Haus of Tzukuri behind will be essential in helping me move forward as I explore the next phase of my life and career. You can still peruse the poetic work created at Haus of Tzukuri in the archive here.

I will always continue to write and create - but will simply do so under my own name. If you’d like to stay updated on anything I’m up to you are welcome to subscribe to my personal website below:

If you would like to contact me in future about collaborations or work, my new email is

Onwards and upwards.

Allen Chinte Liao
Founder Tzukuri