"Limit everything to the essential, but do not remove poetry." Dieter RAMS
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Tzukuri 2.0

Allen Liao in a black turtleneck.
Marcel looking hot.

Allen LIAO



The Creative Partners

We, Allen & Marcel, established Haus of Tzukuri in 2021 as a creative studio, an offshoot of Tzukuri. Producing projects designed specifically for the lockdown period. The creative partnership emerged from a shared passion; a dedication towards creating beautiful things which can inspire, touch and lift the spirits.

We believe that words, well chosen, can change the world. This belief stems from the first iteration of Tzukuri which came to life from a series of emails penned by Allen in 2014 to several of the world's most renowned leaders in design and technology.

Beginning as a humble endeavour, we wished to share our creation of poetic works for you and the people you love.

We concluded the project in October 2021, when the Sydney lockdown came to an end.

Haus of Tzukuri Insignia.

the haus that stands forever

this time we’ll build our haus from bricks
the first time the painting didn’t quite stick
the second time the lessons were too quick
this final time everything in its place will click

the raging tornado will not bring it down
no forest fire will burn our tzukuri crown 
our artistic revolution is only beginning 
the planet on our fingers will be spinning

this will be the haus that stands forever
and every household will know our name
and all will tell of how we built it together

in our minds and memory

Signature of the partners.

Our Story

The Haus
of Tzukuri

Das Haus von Tzukuri

The First Meeting

Chester White Diner

October 20, 2020


3 Orwell Street, Potts Point



Shared Meal

Wild Mushroom Gnocchi

Meeting Place





24 May 2021 -
12 Oct 2021

Date of Re-Establishment