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building a new company
is like pushing a boulder up a mountain
you start at the bottom, all by yourself
just you and this big boulder 
bystanders will point and laugh and call you crazy
but if you believe in what you’re doing with all your heart
you ignore them and start pushing it up the steep slope anyway
along the path, people will see you struggle 

and some might join you
and when the right people do, it gets a little easier
more hands making lighter work

occasionally some helpers do more pulling than pushing
and you have to stop and tell them they can’t help anymore 
which breaks your heart every time
because they only meant well

but the pain lessens each time
becoming slightly more bearable
but it never truly disappears

nearly all who choose to push the boulder 
won’t make it up to the top
their strength will give way before they do
they stumble and collapse
and that boulder starts to roll backwards 
crushing them in its path
leaving them broken and shattered 
sometimes dead 

you are like sisyphus, but the punishment is of your own choosing
rather than from hades

but there are a special few
who through luck and hard work 
and ingenuity and sacrifice
who by some divine grace 
make it all the way to top of the mountain
with their helpers standing shoulder to shoulder
they couldn’t have done it without them

and as soon as it reaches the top
the boulder tips to the other side
and the weight vanishes

and it begins to roll down hill
gathering speed
larger and larger
a flywheel spinning
faster and faster

it’s momentum becomes unstoppable
until all the world has been taken over
by your new idea of how things should be done

a glorious victory
that once began 
as a boulder 
at the bottom of a hill

Full Text © Tzukuri 2021

Allen LIAO 廖晉德

Author and Artist


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